Exhibition - Philadelphia April 2017

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The culmination of the work that I had been undertaking with Melbourne artist - Damon Kowarsky - was an exhibition in Philadelphia, USA which opened on Thursday the 6th of April.

Damon had turned drawings from his time visiting Udaipur into a suite of 6 etchings. We had printed these together as linework at Portland Bay Press in South Eastern Victoria in 2016. I had since been working to hand colour 2 full sets of these prints using a mixture of gouache and watercolour. 

Originally I had been working on these with my own imaginings of Indian light, colours, architecture and life, in mind - but having visited India for the first time in January of this year I returned with some unshakeable inspiration that is very evident to those that have also visited this amazing and vibrant country.

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Damon Kowarsky>>

That secret TV biz!

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Ah, it wasn't that secret! I just had to wait until it had aired ;)

I did some work with the fun team behind the scenes for ABCME (was ABC3) and the Create program. I put together 12 (I think!) little step by step videos of how to make various projects with polymer clay.

You can catch them on iView >> Link to one of them here!

Melbourne Museum

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I recently spent the day with the delightful Gemma - librarian at the Melbourne Museum - and she had taken considerable effort to organise a selection of rare and unique books for me to peruse.
I was researching English and Australian Finches and she had all sorts of info about Gouldian wonders.

I also did some research regarding Australian architectural styles as well as my 'go to' - colour swatches! You'd be fascinated by those soil sample swatch books...


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Hello lovely loves -

kathykoo will soon be getting back into it for another big year!

New things will include items available to purchase online, right here, through the shop (not yet running^_^) and hopefully some new products here and there...

Stay tuned for market dates - none planned as yet but the pre-Christmas season is always bumper!

^_^ x kk

Ps. Here's a picture of me with a stuffed, pygmy pony...just for the lolz

Udaipur Print Collaboration

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kathykoo met Melbourne artist Damon Kowarsky at the VCA in 199....wait....a while ago, let's say...

Remaining friends throughout the years, talk was often made about a collaborative effort, but nowt was ever done. In June 2015 whilst Damon was undertaking a residency at Portland Press in South West Victoria, kathykoo stopped by for a couple of days to help print editions of Damon's 6 plate Udaipur scene - prior to his continuing work on the etchings.

Tea was drunk and biscuits scoffed and now kathykoo is making time in her studio each week to work through colour trials for the final artworks..

Damon's Site >